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Win10 "optional features" page will add sorting function, remove the language package.

Aug. 8, 2019

The Windows 10 20H1 feature update may tweak the details of the system's "optional feature" Settings page.The current Settings application for Windows 10 includes an "optional features" page that allows users to manage, install, and uninstall optional features such as Windows Media Player.Microsoft plans to add new features to further enhance its "optional features" Settings.







The Windows 10 20H1 feature update adds sorting and search capabilities to the "optional features" page, making it easier to find the features the user wants to set by sorting the list by name or download size.To uninstall Windows Media Player, for example, users can quickly find items in a search box, rather than manually mixing lengthy lists.


Microsoft also plans to remove regional packs from the "options" page.The new improved version is currently undergoing internal testing and is expected to be tested by members of the Windows Insider project later this year.


Microsoft is also working on other improvements for Windows 10 20H1, including inline text Suggestions for typing using a hardware keyboard.The Windows 10 leak also suggests that Microsoft is testing a new start menu and control center, though those two features may not appear in the official 20H1 update.





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